Live Life on Your Terms
and Break Free from Conventional Wisdom

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Here are just some of the things you'll discover:

  • Chapter 1: How to discover what truly matters most (page 4)
  • Chapter 2: An objective way to assess your entire life
    (page 11)
  • Chapter 3: How to identify your true priorities and the ONE THING that makes all the difference (page 22)
  • Chapter 4: A simple solution for organizing your life in a way that lets you reduce overwhelm once and for all (page 28)
  • Chapter 5: The difference between living proactively vs. reactively, and a simple way to live proactively now
    (page 40)
  • Chapter 6: How to make the most of your time each day (page 51)
  • Chapter 7: How to increase your focus and eliminate distraction in your daily environment (page 64)
  • Chapter 8: Defining clear, meaningful goals in your life and the #1 reason most people never get this right (page 76)
  • Chapter 9: How to overcome procrastination forever (page 88)
  • Chapter 10: An easy way to course-correct throughout the year when life inevitably gets off-track (page 98)
  • Chapter 11: How to accelerate your success (page 109)
  • Chapter 12: The quickest way to take your learning and growth to an entirely new level (page 117)
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Resources that Accompany the Book...

Life Areas
Assessment Tool

Easily and objectively assess the areas of your life that matter most.

Agenda Templates

Take charge of your days, weeks, quarters and years with these templates.

Video Tutorials

Be guided through the softwares Sean uses to help him live more intentionally.

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Watch as Sean discusses the first two chapters of his book with the
Empowered Living Community of over 2,000,000 Facebook fans:

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About the Author

Sean Rosensteel is an author and founder of The Intentional Living Academy.

With a passion for helping others, Sean’s journey began when he found himself bankrupt in every area of life at the age of 28. This monumental event revealed to him that the path to true happiness and fulfillment was found by ignoring the rest of society and following your heart’s lead—what is most important to you.

Now he desires to empower his readers with the mindsets, habits and tools needed to achieve their dreams and live the life they truly deserve.

Sean currently lives in Dallas, TX with his loving wife, Karen, and their three young children.

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